Video: #BLM Activist Meets ‘Socially-Tone Deaf’ InstaGay

L-R Kornbread, Michael Henry, Kevin McDonald (image via YouTube)

Funnyman Michael Henry is enjoying some open-air social distancing in the park with Kornbread when spotted in the distance, the duo sees ‘Trevor’ (Kevin McDonald) who Henry describes as ‘your typical fit WeHo gay who thinks the world ‘revolved around clubbing, CrossFit and himself.’

Henry has an issue with Trevor’s self-centered Instagram activity which Henry thinks is socially tone-deaf and all about Trevor.


Like Trevor’s recent trip to Florida where he attended ‘The Slut Zone’ party with 200 shirtless guys doing body shots and beer pong.

“Well, leaving one state in quarantine to go to another state NOT in quarantine so you can party seems pretty tacky,” shades Kornbread.

Beginning to rant, Henry encourages Trevor to ‘get out of your bubble,’ which goes right over Trevor’s head as he announces his next trip to Fire Island so he can get away from the “chaos and rallies.”

Kornbread isn’t having it as it sounds like people protesting for their rights is ‘inconveniencing’ the WeHo hottie.


But Trevor defends himself saying he did attend a Black Lives Matter rally where he generously posed for a shirtless pic holding a protest sign.

On a roll, Kornbread calls out Insta posts like that as “tacky, performative, insulting, and comes across as inauthentic.”

Perhaps Trevor could use the power of his 200k Instagram followers to educate people or raise money?

Flipping the script, Trevor shades Henry for his posts announcing all of his donations to different organizations calling that “tacky and performative.”


Kornbread has the last word on the subject as the topic turns to RuPaul’s Drag Race which causes the whole conversation to devolve.

As always, Michael Henry offers up some funny lines with a little bit of something to make you think.

Good stuff.

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