Video: Boy Asks Former Australian Prime Minister: ‘How Come You Didn’t Let Gay People Get Married?’

Former Prime Minster Julia Gillard was in the hot seat recently but this time it was a young boy who put her there.


During a Q&A style forum at the Sydney Opera House the boy received cheers and applause when he asked a very simple yet pointed question:

"How come you didn't let gay people get married?"

Initially Gillard chuckled before responding,

“It’s a politician in the making there I think."


Gillard continued her response by adding,

"I do understand that the position I took on gay marriage perplexed many people, given who I am and so many of my beliefs. I’ve actually had lots of conversations with many of my old friends about this — some of them have got a different view than me… But I’m a lot older than you, and when I went to university and started forming my political views of the world, we weren’t talking about gay marriage."

See more of Gillard's response in the video below!



What say you, Instincters? Are you feeling Gillard's stance on marriage equality? And most importantly, can someone please remind us to make this sassy youngster an Instinct contributer one day? YES!
(h/t: Towleroad)

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