Video: DC Homophobe Caught Ripping Down Pride Flag

Security camera footage caught homophobic vandal ripping down Pride flag
Homophobic vandal caught ripping down Pride flag (screen capture)

A man in Washington D.C. was caught on video walking into a resident’s front yard and ripping down a rainbow Pride flag, all while yelling homophobic slurs.

The 30-second security camera video shows the man walking down the sidewalk, seemingly talking to himself. In the clip’s audio, he can be heard shouting, “F*gg*t motherf**ker, you f*gg*t flag-flying motherf**ker.”


Clear as day, the man enters the yard, striding right up to the flag and snatching it from its mount.

Continuing to rant, the man attempts to destroy the flag slamming it on the ground before exiting the scene.

Twitter user @mjasonrhoades posted the clip to his account as well as the local D.C. community blog, Popville.

“This happened in broad daylight at our house on Independence at 17th St SE this morning while my wife was walking our dog,” wrote the Twitter user. “People like this should not be on our streets.”


The Washington Blade reports that D.C. police have seen the video but haven’t been able to contact the resident.

“We saw the Popville post as well and have attempted to make contact with and have the property owner make a report,” said D.C. Police Lt. Brett Parson, who oversees the department’s LGBT Liaison Unit. “They were encouraged to contact the LGBT Liaison Unit Duty Phone or call 911.”

“We stand ready to respond, investigate, and provide support,” added Parson.

(Source: Washington Blade)

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