Video Discovered Of A UK Caretaker Mocking An Elderly Man

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Where are the protections for elders with dementia? Unfortunately, they’re not in Lincolnshire.


A video has gone viral of an elderly man being mocked by a care home employee.

According to Lincolnshire Live, Lincolnshire police are looking into the matter of an elder being teased by his caretaker.

The video shows the man sitting down as a woman speaks down to him from off camera. The woman mocks the man who seems to be only partly lucid.

The woman first threatens to take the man’s walking stick away if he doesn't sing. She then simultaneously mocks him with anti-gay rhetoric such as asking if he likes frilly dresses and questions him on a past relationship with a woman. She asserts that the elder could have impregnated “that woman who was in [his] bed.”


Again, police are investigating the situation and already know the name of the victim, the fact that he has dementia, and the name of the care home. That said, the identities of both have been undisclosed for their privacy.

In relation to the case, a Lincolnshire police spokesperson said, "A woman attended a voluntary police interview earlier last week. No one has been arrested and our investigation is ongoing."

Despite its identity being withheld, the care home released a statement through the authorities saying:

"Whilst we understand the allegations relate to a period prior to our ownership, we are fully committed to support everyone living at the home.

"We will work tirelessly with the authorities to ensure that our residents remain safe and to achieve the right outcome for all involved."

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