VIDEO: Do-Over Wedding Shows that Love Wins Over Hate.

A Phoenix, Arizona couple made their second journey to Coronado, California for the wedding redo they did not plan.  Instead, this ceremony was miraculously put together in 2 ½ weeks by complete strangers after they heard of how the couple’s original August wedding day was ruined by a heckler.  Oscar de Las Salas and Gary Jackson’s attempt at the best day of their lives was about to be given back to them by people they didn’t even know. 


There was no budget for this wedding.  Coronado inhabitants and business owners were very giving in order to make this event happen, ranging from a limousine ride from the airport, use of the expensive venue, food, a well-known tribute band, and the list goes on.

“Local residents and merchants who were also disturbed by the heckling banded together to organize a "do-over" wedding for the gay couple yesterday. The ceremony, organized by Coronado attorney Alisa Kerr and officiated by Mayor Casey Tanaka, ended up being a beautiful display of love in the face of hate.”

“The mayor said a few words, the couple locked eyes and kissed, and a wrong that reverberated across the country was properly righted.” (San Diego Union Trubine)


De Las Salas and Jackson were able to invite 25 guests that were unable to make the initial nuptials ceremony in August.  Below is one video of the redo wedding.  For additional footage and a little more background story, I highly recommend going over to the San Diego Union Tribune video page here


Here’s a question for you.  Would you want to redo the day?  In the same spot? Or would you want to just move on from the venue and the whole experience and make the honeymoon one to remember?


I am not sure what I would do.  It is hard to return to the scene of the crime, but maybe this place had a sentimental tie for the grooms, one that hate could not override. 

Best wishes to the new couple!

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