Video Footage Showed Hutt On Hands & Knees Pushing Paint On The Ground

Mark-David Hutt (center) arrested in NYC for vandalizing BLM display (image via Facebook)

The founder of LGBTrump, a queer Facebook group that supports Donald Trump’s reelection, has been arrested twice in the past week for defacing the Black Lives Matter mural painted in front of Trump Tower in New York City.

According to the New York Post, Mark-David Hutt of Rochester, New York, was arrested on July 25 for spreading red paint on the BLM display on Fifth Avenue shortly after 5 pm, and charged with criminal mischief.


But the next morning, the 31-year-old was back at it trying to smear white paint on the BLM. Hutt was cuffed and arrested again by 10:10 am. 

The next day, Hutt took to the group’s Facebook page to boast of his lame appearance:

“Saturday, I splashed Red. Sunday, I splashed White. & on Monday…,” Hutt wrote when he posted the latest in a string of videos of his vandalism. “Mayor Bill de Blasio has ruined NYC & has put a target on the back of NYPD’s finest. We need to STAND UP and take our country back. #BlueLivesMatter”

Video of Hutt on his hands and knees pushing the white paint on the ground made it to Twitter. In the clip, you can see a police officer attempt to stop the Trump supporter, but Hutt just ignores the officer.


Eventually, four officers gingerly interceded stopping the vandalism.

Hutt was so proud of himself he made a screen capture of his arrest the banner for his Facebook page (above).

On July 29, he posted a meme letting people know, “If you need a reason to unfriend me, I am pro Trump, pro military, pro law enforcement, pro gun, pro life, a Christian, and there is only two genders. P.S. All Lives Matter.”

(source: NY Post)

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