Video: Johnny Weir Defends Russia Against Boycotts In Hard Hitting Keith Olbermann Interview

Straight off his fantastic special comment on the Sochi Winter Olympic Games and Russia's heinous anti-gay law, Keith Olbermann invited out Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir on his show to talk about the issue.


While donning a Russian military jacket, Johnny seemed to sink to a new low in his implied defense of Russia and opposition of political boycotts of any kind.

"I live in New Jersey, so I'm not even still considered an equal human," Johnny says. "I wasn't considered an equal in this country, so why should I stay away from another country that doesn't consider me equal, and why should I not show the world what I worked hard for?"

Sure, it's Johnny's usual refrain, but it was all a bit more exposed than usual thanks to Keith taking him to task. 




(Via Towleroad)


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