Video Of A Hong Kong Gay Couple Having Sex With Pedestrians Watching Has Gone Viral

A viral video from Hong Kong has some people cringing and others celebrating.


Earlier this week, a video started to gain traction on Facebook before it was later taken down for its mature content.

The video depicted a scene that played out on the streets of the Sheung Wan neighborhood. A crowd of pedestrians had gathered outside one apartment window after realizing a couple was very obviously having sex.

It seems the chants of “stand up!,” the sounds of an elder chastising younger people for watching, and the remark of one onlooker asking if they were doing yoga didn’t disturb the couple as they continued their exhibitionist performance.

Eventually, the two finished up and the naked top went to go grab a towel. After he returned, his partner finally stood up and the crowd both cheered and gasped as the partner was revealed to be a man.


Again, the video went viral briefly but was quickly taken down. The Oriental Daily reports that comments were mostly positive with some even joking that the scene was more exciting than the World Cup.

That said, this is still a serious crime for obvious reasons. One lawyer states that the two men could be facing charges of public indecency and end up paying HK$1,000 fine ($127) and six months in jail.

Meanwhile, a reporter later returned to the scene to find a darkened apartment room.

Police are still investigating.

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