Video Of A Man Beating Up A Homophobic Attacker Goes Viral

First, we have to give you a graphic violence and language warning. Second, we, thankfully, have to tell you that the supposed gay man isn't being bashed.


When stories like two men get attacked outside of New York gay bar are trending, it’s almost refreshing to see a story of a man fighting homophobes back.

According to LGBTQNation, a video is going viral of a man riding a New York City bus and being bothered by a homophobe. While a physical altercation does break out, it’s not the "gay" man who gets beaten.

The video, which you can watch below or find here, starts after the confrontation has already begun (like many viral videos do).

You can hear one man yelling out, “You still suck d****, though. I don’t give a s***. … I don’t fight with little f***** a****.”


The man on the end of these insults then points out that the two are being recorded while on the bus and asks the homophobe if he wants to go somewhere privately.

“You look really dumb,” he says while mocking the homophobe. “You’re trying to look for words and s*** to say. You don’t know what the f*** to say. ‘Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, all y’all are f****** and s***.’ Call people f******* outside. There’s no f*****’ cameras outside. You wanna get a f*****’ aggravated assault charge? C’mon.”

Unfortunately, the homophobe then launches for an attack. Fortunately, the other man is more than prepared for him.

For the record, we keep saying supposed gay man, because there is no real confirmation that the receiver of this attack was gay. We don't know the full context without the start of the fight, but we do know that the man never denies being gay.


Again, the video does depict graphic violence and graphic language, so viewer discretion is advised.

h/t: LGBTQNation

2 thoughts on “Video Of A Man Beating Up A Homophobic Attacker Goes Viral”

  1. I wish that the people who

    I wish that the people who take videos and post them, had enough sense to turn the phone sideways and get a full picture of the action. 

  2. There are so many reports of

    There are so many reports of men being beaten up (though the homophobes get arrested but for sure they get out of jail in no time), It's about time gay men fight back.


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