Video Of Baseball Players Ozzie Albies And Ronald Acuña Jr Made Fragile Men Uncomfortable

Screenshot via Youtube

Seems like gay men can’t catch a break. Even when we’re minding out own business, homophobes and sensitive masculine men have to mock us online.

What started all the petty talk and eventual worthwhile conversation about gender norms and masculinity? A video of two best friends, who happen to be professional baseball players, showing affection.

During a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves players Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuña Jr. were caught on camera sharing an affectionate embrace inside the team’s dugout.”

Unfortunately, that light scene was then ruined by many on the internet who can’t handle the thought of two men touching each other in a none-sexual way.

That said, there were several who went to the two men’s defense and pointed out how toxic masculinity is getting in the way of men enjoying intimate and fulfilling relationships or "true brotherhood" as one Twitter account called it.

As for why the two men were embracing, neither of them has explained yet. Some believe it was a joke after teammate Sean Newcomb's no hitter.

Others shared the rumor that the sudden death of Acuña's mother was the cause. That rumor was later revealed to be inaccurate as a Braves spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle. They shared that the outfileder’s mother is alive and well.

In the end, we don’t need to know why the two men were being affectionate (as either a joke or seriously). All we need to do is celebrate that they did it, celebrate that it was shared with us all, and hope that a day will come when all men (gay, straight, or otherwise) can exhibit similar moments of comfort and connection with our male friends without toxic outcry.

h/t: Yahoo Lifestyle, Ebony Magazine

4 thoughts on “Video Of Baseball Players Ozzie Albies And Ronald Acuña Jr Made Fragile Men Uncomfortable”

  1. PR stunt or not, I found that

    PR stunt or not, I found that short clip to be very moving.  If it had been two women, I don't think anyone would have even blinked an eye.

  2. a week after 3 players were

    a week after 3 players were exposed for homophobic tweets, could be a PR stunt. Yes, I cynical- but this is the entertainment industry here- EVERYTHING is choreographed!

    • True. I did come across

      True. I did come across Newcomb's tweet story while looking into this one. I wasn't aware of other players though. I'll look into it

      • The other players were Josh

        The other players were Josh Hader (Milwaukee Brewers) and Trea Turner (Washington Nationals).


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