Video Of Dublin Parents’ Pride Bus Surprise Goes Viral

Screenshot via Twitter

In preparation for this past weekend’s Pride Parade in Dublin, Dublin’s main bus company released a video.


The video, which has been watched by nearly half a million people on Twitter, sees parents surprising their LGBTQ kids with rides on the Dublin Pride Bus.


Two of those parents later spoke with BBC News about the day.

Stephen McEvoy, who’s worked as a Dublin bus driver for 36 years, surprised his son Liam by appearing in a rainbow suit and driving the Dublin Pride bus all day.

"He knew nothing at all about it.” said Stephen, “The surprise element was amazing.”

"He said it was the best surprise he has ever had".


As for Stephen, who’s never been to a Pride event before, he said he made memories that he’ll never forget.

"Everybody was so happy. We went into the parade and everybody was in amazing form."

The Quinlivin family before joining Pride. / Image via BBC


As for the second father/son duo, Pat Quinlivin and his son John were also humbled and elated by their time on the bus and at Pride.

"I'm aware that some people don't have family as accepting as mine. I'm so lucky,” said John after the experience.

As for Pat, who also had his first Pride experience and wore rainbow suspenders, the whole day was “something [he] never thought would have happened."

"It's an experience that I will hold close to my heart and think, that was awesome".

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