Video of Man Doing Martial Arts Moves In High Heels Goes Viral

Video of man doing martial arts in high heels goes viral / Screenshot via Instagram @hesosoutheast

A video of a man doing martial arts moves may not be too noteworthy on its own, but add a pair of hot pink high heels and you get “the Kim Possible we deserve.”

At the end of 2018, we are still seeing media making the rounds across the internet. First, there was the picture of a gay Navy “first kiss,” and now we have the video below.

The now viral clip originated on Instagram from a sophomore page called @hesosoutheast. But, the video reached the masses when Twitter user @notmeraymond shared the video. The Twitter post has now been viewed more than 4 Million times.

The video by Instagrammer @hesosoutheast first shows him strutting on screen in a metallic silver top, some shiny leather pants, and those stunning high heels.

The message behind the viral video is to not mess with this guy as he talks about beating anybody who treats him wrong. This video has a violent message, strong language, a stunning look, and an even more impressive display of physical prowess. And apparently the internet loves it.

There is something to say about the video glorifying gun violence. Halfway through the video, the man pulls out a gun and states he'll shoot anyone who disrespects him. That presents a dark image for what otherwise would have been a fun and quick video.

That said, the internet doesn't seem to mind as the video has already gained massive attention including being shared by Snoop Dogg himself who captioned it with, “Good afternoon bitches. Pull up. Flip out.”

Looking into him more, it appears that the Instagrammer, who hasn’t shared his name on any of his social media, is an aspiring social media star and comedian. He expressed shock and surprise when his video started to take off on social media and promises to return with new content soon.






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