Video of Nude Schitt’s Creek Star Surfaces Again

Photo Credit: Dustin Milligan as Ted Mullens in an episode of Schitt’s Creek

I’m happy the internet exists.

Dustin Milligan is so beloved by the queer community due to his co-starring role as Ted Mullens in the hit comedy series Schitt’s Creek. That’s part of the reason why a video of his dick is going viral. Again.


To my knowledge, no one is really sure where the clip comes from. Dustin has been working as an actor since 2004 and, based on my limited research, this scene was shot sometimes between then and 2013.

Click the image below to see a complete naked Dustin is talking to another actor with a black box covering his genitals. However, it lags on occasion, and you can get several glimpses of his penis.


During his almost two-decade career in Hollywood, Milligan has also appeared in 90210, an episode of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race and a slew of horror films including Demonic, Final Destination, The Messengers and Shark Night 3D.

Dustin, 37, currently co-stars in the Peacock sitcom Rutherford.

Does he become bashful when the video recirculates? Is he wearing a prosthetic during the scene? Maybe in the future the Canadian actor can address the “scandal” so we can stop talking about it.

(I said talking, not looking.)


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