Vietnam Legalized Gender Reassignment & Opened an LGBTQ Health Center

Vietnam is becoming a safer space for LGBTQ people, and specifically in their search for health services.

A new health center has opened in Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of the country.

The center is a joint project between Men’s Health Center and G-Link.

G-Link organizes health care and works towards getting attention towards trans issues, so this project was right up its alley.

The center will offer counseling services, HIV/STD testing, and in time it could maybe even offer medical help with people looking to transition.

The reason its not happening yet is that Vietnam recently changed its laws on transitioning. Before, it was illegal to do so. That lead to people going to other countries to have their surgeries or get medication.

But, now that those policies have been changed the country will roll out a new attitude towards those looking to have the bodies that fits their gender.

Dr Trà Anh Duy of Bình Dân Hospital praised the new center for its ability to save lives. It seems that because of Vietnam’s prior policies, people would self-medicate and cause more harm than good.

“They can overdose or use substandard hormones, or those without clear origin. They also may not be using hormones in a hygienic way.”

But now that the law has changed and this health center is on the way, members of the LGBTQ center can feel more at ease knowing that they have a place to go when problems arise.

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