Viewers Were Not Feeling DeBose’s Rap Vogue-esque BAFTAs Performance

Oscar winner Ariana DeBose has learned the old-age Hollywood tale that one day they love you, and the next they don’t. The realization comes after the West Side Story actress has been heavily criticized for her opening performance at the 2023 BAFTA awards.

Credit: instagram/arianadebose

The newly crowned Academy Award winner decided to deactivate her account after she became the main character on Twitter, following her eccentric rap performance about the female nominated actors for this award season. While Jamie Lee Curtis was grooving (possibly thanks to Activia?), a lot of attendees were left looking confused and quite honestly, uncomfortable. Take a look at DeBose’s performance below.

While the performance has gone viral and is apparently receiving some comical backlash, there are a handful of people saying that the pubic is being way too harsh on Ariana. DeBose won an Oscar in 2022 for her performance as “Anita” in West Side Story. Both Angela Bassett and DeBose managed to go viral after her… unique performance, in which she wrote. The BAFTA’s producer, Nick Bullen, defended DeBose’s performance and the backlash calling it “unfair.” Take a look at what Nick, and some people had to say below.


What’s your take on DeBose’s rap? Just performance art or should she have come up with something VERY different at this years BAFTAs? 

Credit: instagram/arianadebose

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  1. All of the nay sayers are either blind and deaf, or just plain jealous. She rocked that performance. Everyone I saw was really enjoying it, as I did.


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