Vimeo Takes Down Conversion Therapy Sermons. Pastor Sues. Who Wins in 2020 Courtroom?

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Pastor James Domen, a former homosexual has taken it upon himself to proselytize us through his conversion therapy sermons that he once housed on Vimeo.

Church United pastor James Domen’s Manhattan federal court suit says Vimeo shut down his account for posting five videos relating to “religion and sexual orientation” — but claims the video platform actually did it as part of an effort to silence him.

“Church United’s account was deleted in an effort to censor James Domen from speaking about his preferred sexual orientation and his religious beliefs,” says the lawsuit, which says Domen spent “three years” as a gay man before changing his mind. – NY

The shut down occurred in 2018, but a ruling was handed down on Wednesday that Vimeo did nothing wrong when removing the pastor’s content. The judge did not agree with the claim that Vimeo tried to silence Domen’s religious freedoms. Judge Stewart Aaron dismissed the $75,000 lawsuit Wednesday citing the content on Domen’s account clearly violated the site’s terms of use.

What wording could be in Vimeo’s guidelines that would lead the judge to say such a thing?  It must have been something bland, vague, cloudy, right?

Vimeo guidelines do not allow videos that “that promote Sexual Orientation Change Efforts.”

Ahh, well, um, what was Domen thinking? Why even bring a lawsuit up if the wording is that straight forward?  Well, we don’t know why any of those people do those things. 

Thanks for wasting more of our time pastor Domen. Please look into updating your personal bandwidth.

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