Viral Hot Cop, Daniel Rengering, Cast On Survivor!

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Viral Hot Cop, Daniel Rengering, Cast On Survivor!

Did Instinct Interview A Millionaire?! 


#YES! I haven’t been this excited for anything Survivor, I was a wee-little, flamboyant child who wanted to stare at a bunch of shirtless guys! Viral famous, Hot Cop, Daniel Rengering is officially heading to Fiji, for Survivor Season 37! This is honestly the best – suspect – casting CBS has done. Like, the last people who got me to tune into one of their shows were the incredible all-girl alliance of The Ballsmashers (Alex Willett, Morgan Willett, and Shelby Stockton) from Big Brother: Over The Top. I can’t be the only one who can not wait to see Rengering running around an island for weeks, in nothing but underwear, swinging a machete, soaking wet from the oceans of Fiji… I wonder if he’s dreaming about me right now? The Gainesville Police Department has already confirmed that Rengering is definitely on a leave of absence.


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I first introduced you to Rengering in December 2018. I discovered he wanted not one, but TWO Otters in his bathtub, he has a major man crush on Chris Pratt, and he dodged every one of my efforts of trying to get a damn date. UGH! Although, if he can survive an interview with me- this island should be a breeze.


I reached out to my friend, Zachary Jaydon, Rengering’s manager, because I’m a huge busybody and wanted confirmation myself! Jaydon tells:

“Daniel’s team is unable to comment on casting speculations. Until something is announced by a production house, network or via official channels, it’s just that; speculation.” 

Well, we all can absolutely assume what that means, right?! Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing this hunk competing for a million bucks so soon!

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