Vlogger Allows Her Best Friend To Have Sex With Her Boyfriend

Would you allow your boyfriend to have sex with your best friend?

YouTube Vlogger, Lena The Plug, is obviously going to be a little kinky by her alias. She certainly isn't letting us down and is promising to release the video of her best friend sleeping with her boyfriend if she hits one million YouTube subscribers. She's currently at 914K.

Lena decides to let her best friend, Emily, "try" her boyfriend, Adam. In the informative video, Lena states:

"Emily has seen pictures of Adam’s dick, she knows all about our sex life, I tell her everything. And now, I don’t have to tell her, she can just try his penis."

The three gather on Lena's bed before the threesome and chat about their respective kinks. Afterwards, a messy bed and half naked bodies show that the deed was done. Adam comments on Emily's fascination with choking and claims the two perform fellatio the best out of his life.

So, can we be talk? Would you let your boyfriend sleep with your best friend?

My answer: If given absolutely no choice, without question.. HELL NO! That is my friend for a reason…because, we aren't sleeping together! Once my best friend sees my man's orgasm face, one, or both, of them have to leave my life! There's absolutely no coming back from that. This isn't showing off a nude photograph or discussing sex lives, this is the actual act. I'm weary of this entire situation. There is no friend of mine that I would allow this with!

What does your Instinct tell you? Let me know!

If you're curious as to how her experiment went, you can watch the video in full below.



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