Vogue-ing Gets Gay Dancer Killed in New York

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Can we do anything in peace?

Another queer voice in its prime has been snuffed out by homophobia. 


On Saturday, July 29th, accomplished dancer O’Shae Sibley was murdered while getting gas in Brooklyn, New York. According to sources, the tragedy took place around 11:15pm at a Mobil station on Coney Island Ave. A confrontation between two groups of men would eventually lead to Sibley fighting for his life before dying in the early hours on Sunday.

Witnesses to the event claim that Sibley, age 28, was traveling in a group with three of four other men. The protagonists were described as black, shirtless, dancing and minding their own business while they refilled their vehicle with gas. All the men in his group are also described as gay, which seemingly became the jump-off point for the violent attack. 

The victim, O’Shae Sibley, pictured on his Circus Profile account.

Witnesses later stated to The New York Police Department that Sibley’s troop was approached by a group of Muslim men, who claimed that Sibley’s vogue-ing friends were offensive to their religious beliefs. Because how dare gay men have fun in public, right? The initial confrontation was de-escalated at some point, but restarted when one group – it’s unclear which as of this writing – would not let the argument go. 


Eventually, harsh words continued until O’Shae was stabbed once in the torso. Paramedics arrived on the scene and rushed him to Maimondies Medical Center, but the dancer died of his wounds shortly there-after. 

His murderer fled the scene and is currently on the loose as of this writing.

The attack was caught on a witness’ camera, but I’m not going to post the ordeal out of respect for the victim and his family. 

Instead, here’s a video from three years ago showcasing O’Shae’s talent. 


May he rest in peace and may his murderer be brought to justice. 

Source: The Seattle Times, New York Daily News

5 thoughts on “Vogue-ing Gets Gay Dancer Killed in New York”

  1. It’s clear now who wouldn’t let the argument go. The security footage clearly shows the two groups separating and returning to their cars when Sibley turns around and goes at one of the other group. Sibley is, at this point, the aggressor. The suspect has pled self-defence so this will probably come out in court. Nothing deserves murder, but the gay group was practically naked, having come from the beach and gyrating like strippers. Gay people should remember life is not a drag race dressing room. Mic-dropping, neck popping attitude isn’t going to just roll off everyone’s back. These guys were Muslims. They slashed Salman Rushdie. Gyrating like strippers at a gas station? I hope the right to do that was worth it. I’d feel the same way if it were women. There’s a time and place…

  2. To KeepinItReal – I understand you. But why should we HAVE to edit ourselves?

    “Best to come correct?” I’m ‘correct’ already. “Blend in with the heteros?” You mean diminish my light to make others happy or comfortable? No one is worried about my comfort level, so why would I do that? I refuse to live in fear. F**k that.

    Just my opinion…

  3. Poor guy..truly a shame. Some Muslims are extremists are will go to these sort of lengths to push their religion on others.

    Hopefully, the murderer is apprehended ASAP!!

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  5. In all seriousness, it’s truly best for gays to restrain themselves from doing anything overt (like taking off shirts and dancing vogue style at a gas station).

    Best to just come correct, blend in with the heteros and save the flambouyant behaviors for the safety of home, gay clubs or other “safe spaces”.

    Why paint a target on your back unnecessarily?

  6. Just read this :
    On July 29, 2023, O’Shae Sibley, a 28-year-old gay man, was stabbed to death during an altercation outside of a Mobil gas station in Midwood, Brooklyn, New York. The suspect has been identified by the NYPD and the killing is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

    I hope they find who did this.


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