WAIT, Is Fyre Fest 2.0 Happening?

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Lovers And Friends Lines Up The Stage For Some Of The Hottest ‘90s Artists… But This Has Fraud Written All Over It

When it comes to all things media it appears mostly the Boomers, Millennials, and Generation X are at war. Fortunately, like the weather, there are a few hot topics that unite most of everyone. One of those was that the infamous 2017 Fyre Festival was an absolute trainwreck. You remember this, right? Multiple-time failed businessman Billy McFarland and ‘90s Rapper, Ja Rule promised queen bees, wanna-bees, aspiring Instagram Influencers, and anyone who wanted a glimpse of viral fame the greatest party to ever exist in The Bahamas. Influencers like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin were paid to promote the party even though they never had intentions of going. Long story short: The party was a total fraud. The five course dinners wound up being a slice of cheese, two pieces of bread, and three pieces of lettuce, no celebrities attended, no one had a place to sleep – it literally became Lord of the Flies for the Instagram generation. Why? Because McFarland had absolutely no money – even after conning a bunch of wannabees into giving a ton of money before they even arrived. McFarland and his few employees were so desperate to even get a case of water for the party guests that Andy King admitted he was about to give fellatio for some H20. Now, a new music festival is promised for May 2020 in Los Angeles with performers that we actually want to see… but are we being duped once again?

According to The Los Angeles Times, the Lovers & Friends Festival is about to be the most mind blowing experience in the world. Hosted by a promoter, Goldenvoice, Lovers & Friends promises one of the best line ups that you couldn’t even make in a fan fiction. We’re talking blasts from the past and today. Long list, and we’re excluding some others, but worth the read: Lauryn Hill, Usher, Ludacris, Lil’ Jon, Megan THEE Stallion, TLC, Nelly, Brandy & Monica, Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, Ginuwine, Saweetie, Baby Bash, Trina, T-Pain – randomly Ja Rule is due to appear – the list goes on and on. Reread those headliners and tell me that’s not the best from the ‘90s and today to have everyone in the groove of a great time! Sounds like you want to purchase a ticket, right? Especially since Fat Joe and Snoop Dogg are promoting the festival on social media – but uhh, you may be wrong.

First, we need to point out that the official Lovers & Friends website has an eyebrow raise all over it. The festival is one day only – May 9th – and is an all ages venue beginning at 12PM, no matter the weather, no ins/outs, and any items deemed dangerous are not permitted. Okay, fair. But, lineup and set times are subject to change without notice AKA if someone doesn’t show up, you’re out of luck. Also, payment plans with a third-party payment app are accepted. Okay, shady. And – no matter what, no refunds will be given. The website leaves a lot of “check back for more FAQ’s later” – basically, they don’t know what they are doing yet even though the event is three months away. Your suspicion won’t end there.

Some of the celebrity acts are claiming they are absolutely not going to this event. Lil’ Kim immediately took to Instagram calling the festival “SO FAKE” and claiming she isn’t a part of it. Minor acts, Mase and Twista said they are not attending either, despite being on the social media lineup. Lauryn Hill’s fans are proclaiming this event is beneath her and there’s absolutely no way she would do it. Also, according to previously scheduled performances – Megan THEE Stallion and T-Pain will both be in Washington, DC and Miami.

With all of these curious inconveniences, Complex is reporting the event isn’t going to be a Fyre Festival and is legit. If you want to take the risk – and for some reason I personally think the risk is worth the reward or disappointment at this point – tickets for Lovers & Friends go on sale tomorrow for under two-hundred dollars a pop and can be found here. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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