Wait, Is *NSYNC Reuniting? Are We Hearing What We Want To Hear?

It's a case of people hearing what they want to hear.  Maybe it's from attending too many *NSYNC concerts as kids and standing next to screaming boys and girls, but there is no concert/singing/dancing reunion planned for the boy band.  Calm the F down people.  Here's the EW video that apparently confused fans.

So they are getting together for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star presentation.  That's it peeps.  The confusion was so great that the band and Lance had to tweet out clarification.

Sure, it would be great, but people, listen when our gay *NSYNCer Lance talks.  Don't be makin' sh*t up. It gets us all a little too excited!

Would you go and see *NSYNC if they did reunite for a tour?

h/t:  huffingtonpost.com

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