Wait? There’s A Big Boy Pride?!

Screenshot via YouTube @The Official Big Boy Pride

Earlier today, I was scrolling along through the internet when I was affronted with the most shockingly wonderful thing. The realization that there’s a Big Boy Pride out there. And it turns out, the Official Big Boy Pride is kicking up its 10th-anniversary celebration.

Starting in the early 2010s, Big Boy Pride is all about celebrating the thicc, chocolate baddies often ignored by mass media and the gay/bi male community. The creators of Big Boy Pride wanted to form an event unattached from LGBT Pride events and holiday weekends. They wanted a specific event separate from the similar Bear Week and focusing on bigger bodies of color.

As the Big Boy Pride website writes, the creators first tested the waters. Then, “during Spring Fling 2011, Tony Brown and Jay Torrence recognized the magnitude of what had developed among the men in attendance and believed that the experience needed to be taken to the next level. Thus, big boy Pride was born.”

The four-day event, taking place typically in the spring, holds parties, seminars, and group discussions to celebrate and center Black, queer, and thicc existence. The event is about brotherhood, self-love, and awareness. And I am all for it!

But again, the 2020 event is the 10th anniversary so you know the parties and programming are gonna be lit. From many scheduled pool parties and cocktail functions, to seminars focused on educating goers on health and wellness issues, social politics, and more. A lot is in store for this coming year’s event.

“For 10 years, The Official Big Boy Pride has been leading and blazing the trail for the Big Boy community and those that love and support us,” boasted The Official Big Boy Pride organizers. “We are excited to celebrate a mega anniversary with you in Orlando, FL. The weekend will be packed with some of the favorites from the previous years, as well as new and fresh events. As always, we will have live entertainment on hand, cocktail parties, pool parties games and many activities that foster brothahood”

In a world that’s always telling us to love and chase the muscular, white body, events and organizations like Big Boy Pride are a saving grace. If you agree and want to find out more about the event, head over to their website.

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  1. As an admirer of bigger guys I’m glad there’s a space for black men of size to shine. I’ve been to a few bear events and they’re overwhelmingly white with a sprinkling of color here and there. It’d be nice to go to a bear event and not feel like I’m out of place.


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