Waking Up Drenched In Sweat? Here’s What Might Be Really Going On.

I've been waking up in extremely sweaty, sheets wet, and questioning what had happened during the night.  Telling some friends, one responded that I should go see a doctor since it was serious and another said it happened to him, but it was nothing.  Was it because I moved from Maine to Florida recently and my body was adjusting to the tropics?

A recent article at Men'sHealth.com shed some light on my concern, but was it a good light?

In a literature review published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, Dr. Mold and his colleagues revealed that several factors increase the likelihood of night sweats, including panic attacks, sleep problems, fever, numbness in hands and feet, anxiety and stress, and trouble breathing at night. – MENSHEALTH.COM

Well crap. Trouble breathing at night doesn't sound too fun, but is that as bad as it could get?

The worst case: Night sweats could indicate a serious problem. Dr. Mold’s  study review suggests that they can be a symptom of autoimmune diseases, heart problems, endocrine disorders, gastroesophageal reflux disease, HIV, tuberculosis, certain cancers, sleep apnea, and panic disorders. – MENSHEALTH.COM

So yeah, that just got scary.  Thanks for the information, but it looks like I will need to seek real medical advice.  On a somewhat positive note, I've had some numbness in my hands, kinda carpal tunnel-ish, which I had before due to working in a lumber mill.  That's a better diagnosis than some of the other options.

At any rate, it sounds like if you have night sweats, you should tell your doctor, which is what I will be doing very soon. 

If you would like to read more of the Men's Health article, go here.

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  1. Yes it could be caused by a 

    Yes it could be caused by a  plethora of things, for me it was HIV.  I found that sleeping with one foot outside my covers helps A LOT.  Wacky I know but it works for me.

    • I do the same thing.  Husband

      I do the same thing.  Husband thinks it's crazy but I found out the ankles and top of the head is the places where the body releases excess body heat to regulate body temp.   So it made sense to keep one foot out from under the covers.

  2. I get bad night sweats, and
    I get bad night sweats, and it turned out I have a rare, GENETIC auto-immune disorder (not hiv or std) on top of a rare anatomical condition where I have an extra rib that causes numbness and pain throughout my upper body. Yay! Lol. But, yeah, it’s a symptom of something or else you wouldn’t be experiencing it, so get yourselves checked out.

  3. l had that problem before…

    l had that problem before… it has to do with the room temperature so l had to leave the door open from now on and finally the problem stopped. And sleep naked, too.


  4. Back in 05′ I kept having

    Back in 05' I kept having awful night sweats,,and soon found out I had hodgkins lymphoma cancer…but beat it…as I found it soon.

  5. Have you had a hormone

    Have you had a hormone profile done recently???  Could be your Testosterone levels are too low!!! 

  6. I like hat this is a serious

    I like hat this is a serious article. It is a nice switch from the shallow articles that are littered throughout this site. 


    Great job! …And good luck on your health issues. Thank you for your honesty. It means a lot!! 

  7. Thyroid disease will do it
    Thyroid disease will do it too. I have hashimoto’s and it causes me to sweat every night….which is why I sleep on top of all the sheets. Then I can stay cold and not sweat lol :-p


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