WALK THE MOON Lead Singer, Nicholas Petricca Comes Out As Bisexual

WALK THE MOON lead singer, Nicholas Petricca (Photo Credit: Nicholas Petricca Official Instagram page)

The Cincinnati, Ohio based rock band, WALK THE MOON, has always celebrated diversity.  Many of the band’s songs reflect that message. In a web exclusive from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Walk the Moon’s lead singer, Nicholas Petricca talked about the inspiration for their song, ‘Different Colors’:

“When we were writing for the new record, Talking is Hard, summer of 2013, there were all these news segments one after the other arguing about same-sex marriage.  I was so frustrated just that we were still arguing about this in 2013, whether people should have equal rights. It seemed like it should be second nature at this point but that’s not the world we live in quite yet.  So, we wanted to write a victory march and a call to arms for everyone. It’s not just about sexual orientation.  It’s about equality and love in every way.”

On the last day of Pride Month, the 33-year-old singer came out as bisexual on his Instagram page.  Petricca put up a photo of a quote by Harvey Milk followed by a four-minute video where he started the video by saying, “Hi. My name is Nicholas. I’m the lead singer of a band called WALK THE MOON and I’m bisexual.”

Petricca concludes the video, which has received over 30,000 views on Instagram, with this:

Many fans took to commenting their support for Petricca for his revelation.

Petricca also put up a video of him performing “Different Colors” and another video of him dancing to a remix of “Different Colors”  with the comment “you’re right this hits different now” alluding how the words to his song has a different meaning for him now.

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