Wanda Sykes Gives Us A Lesson On The Fight For LGBTQ Equality, Courtesy Of EllenTube

During Pride month we are continuously inundated by videos and articles providing us with a master class in the LGBTQ liberation movement, from the origins to where we are today. As we approach Thanksgiving (and on the heels of Transgender Awareness Week), Wanda Sykes and EllenTube (Ellen DeGeneres’ video platform), are giving us lesson in The History of LGBTQ with a unique video that dropped this weekend. 

From the origins of homophobia (not shockingly, in the church during the high Middle Ages) and the impact of The Stonewall Riots, and the involvement of transgender pioneer Marsha P. Johnson. The video also touches on some of the more serious areas of our history, featuring the onset of the AIDS epidemic as well as the organizations like The Names Project and GMHC that arose from the epidemic. 


Ellen’s “Yep I’m Gay” Time Magazine cover gets the recognition that it deserves (I still have my own copy) and it showcases the fact that many celebrities felt comfortable coming out following the work of this iconic comedian/talk show host that took that very first step so others could follow in her footsteps. 

Art Courtesy of The Ellen Show

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