Wanna Go Commando? Hints To Make The Change A Success.

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I think most of us have figured out what type of underwear we like by now.  Unless our mother still buys our nether garments and gives them to us for every Christmas and birthday, we've had to branch out and try on different shapes, sizes, cuts, and materials. Have you settled on a certain type yet?

Thrillist.com thinks we can tell a lot from a guy from his underwear choices.  They even went as far as to suggest a Celebrity doppelganger for each type of nether region covering.  Let's see if they did well.

Is it the briefs that hold everything high and tight?


This guy is cheeky and puckish. He's the life of any party, because his sense of humor is always on point. He's 98% personality and it definitely works for him. He doesn't get embarrassed easily and is self-aware in a way that is actually super-sexy. He knows himself and that makes him cool without even trying.

Celebrity doppelganger: Aziz Ansari

Do you prefer the boxer briefs that keep everything in place but also hug the legs?  Short or long cut, they do make a statement.

Boxer briefs (standard, short)

A guy who wears boxer briefs is a cool dude who may not quite know what he wants out of life… because life is a winding road.

He is into what is cozy and snug. This is the kind of guy who will open up to you about his darkest childhood memory, when he fell out of a tree and his dad told him not to cry and be a man. He's sensitive, OK? He's unafraid of his emotions and passions and wants you to know he's good with that.

Celebrity doppelganger: David Beckham

Beckham is going to be hard to beat, but for the longer boxer briefs, there's an equally yummy Brit.

Boxer briefs (standard, long)

This is not your standard fuckboy. He is a fully grown man… with fully grown briefs.

He's the strong silent type your mom always warned you about. He doesn't say much — unless he has something to say. But you can tell what he's thinking just by looking into his smoldering eyes, can't you?

Celebrity doppelganger: Idris Elba

Standard boxers

And then there are boxers that give you a layer of protection, but let everything hang out and flop around so free and liberating?

If a guy is a fan of standard boxers, he's a classic kind of all-American dude. He's a Kennedy! OK, maybe not that — but he doesn't like to stray from what he knows or what is comfortable. He's probably been wearing the same five pairs of boxers his mom bought him at Ralph Lauren in 2008.

Celebrity doppelganger: Ben Affleck

From so loose and fitting to the floss down under, the thong is always an option.


Unlike their lady counterparts, only 2% of guys admit to wearing thong underwear. Is it the most comfortable? No. Does it provide clean lines? YES. A guy in a thong is a god damn fearless man. He gives no F's about society. He is his own damn person.

Celebrity doppelganger: Channing Tatum

What about the jock that really cradles your junk while letting the buns be free?


His jockstrap is reminiscent of his old football days and he just doesn't want to leave the past behind. Not yet.

Who could blame him? The man had buttcheeks that could cut diamonds! He's not going to cover that memory up with some flabby boxers. He's a wild guy. He's living like he was 10 years ago. He likes to party and he likes to dance. He's a good-time guy.

He might not make the best boyfriend, but he'll be a great fling (and lay). He's too lazy for real underwear, but too cool for tighty-whities.

Celebrity doppelganger: Dennis Haysbert (Major League II )

But if you're looking for that next level of freeness, why not go commando! 


He might be called down-to-earth by some or dirty by others: dealer's choice! If he's not one to wear underwear, he's not one to sweat the small stuff, probably. He likes old Western movies and smoking pot out of an apple pipe. He probably does something off the cuff manning the bar at a cool, low-key dive bar, while likely still living with his parents. Hey, it's rent-free!

You might call him "grungy," but he prefers "practical." Why bother with washing your underwear when you can cut out the hassle and just not wear any at all?

Celebrity doppelganger: Woody Harrelson


How did Thrillist.com do?  Did they get the doppelganger right? We could think of some other ones that may fit the undies bill.

Going commando is a great option, no?  It's easy as just not putting on anything at all, right?  Maybe not.

Nothing is for free and going commando will cost you, but what? You may think you'll be saving money on not buying undies, but the funds may be deferred. 

Menshealth.com helps us dabble in the free balling experience and help us find out is it for us with this list of 6 Things You Must Know Before You Go Commando .  "Go ahead and strip off those boxers or briefs—just make sure you follow these rules first."


1. Protect Your Privates, Or Prepare To Chafe.

Without underwear, you don’t have any protection between the outer layer of your skin and the “harsh reality of the fabric and seams of your pants,” says Mona Gohara, M.D., an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University.

This can cause painful skin irritation. So before you go commando, apply a thin layer of baby powder or petroleum jelly to your groin. It’ll help form a barrier to minimize the friction, Dr. Gohara says. 

2. Don’t Count Out Jock Itch.

Jock itch—a skin condition that presents as an itchy, red, ring-shaped rash—occurs when you’re exposed to fungus, says Dr. Gohara. 

And fungi love to hang in warm, humid environments—just like the inside of your pants when your balls are sweating all over them. 

To fight off fungi, keep your boys dry with just a sprinkle of baby powder in the morning and regularly wash your pants. Which brings us to our next rule: 

3. Double Your Laundry Duty.

If you normally wear a pair of pants four times before washing them, dial that down to just two. Going commando will cut your wear-to-cleaning cycle in half, says David Burrows, cofounder of the app-based dry-cleaning service Laundri. 

When fabric sits directly next to your skin, it makes your pants dirtier—and smellier—faster. If you wear dry clean-only fabrics like wool, this can get pricey, says Burrows.   

Pants made from heavier, thicker fabrics can usually last longer between washes than lighter, thinner pants, he says. 

4. Anticipate Sweat Stains.

When you don’t have extra fabric to absorb moisture around your crotch, you end up with nasty sweat stains, says M. Jay Singleton, a men’s style consultant and founder of Urban Squire Club. 

These stains are more visible on lighter fabrics and colors, like khakis, he says. 

As with chafing or jock itch prevention, you’ll want to sprinkle a dash of baby powder on your privates. This will absorb moisture so stains won’t form.

If you do see a stain, rub a teaspoon of dish detergent mixed with two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide into the stained area and let it sit for 30 minutes. 

“Then wash the garment as you normally do in cool water with your regular detergent,” Burrows says.  

5. Steer Clear Of Skinny Jeans.

Skinny-cut pants, especially those made from heavier fabrics like denim, may cut into your crotch when you sit down, says Singleton. 

To make matters worse, if your fabric isn’t thick enough (or if you’re wearing too light a color), you could give everyone an eyeful. 

To mask weird lines or bulges, wear wool or heavier cotton pants, says Ray Li, CEO and founder of the men’s clothing line Suitable

6. Avoid Fitting Rooms. 

Your crotch area is teeming with loads of bacteria, including the kind that can trigger diarrhea. 

So this is obvious, but don’t try on new pants while going commando. Some of those fecal bacteria can transfer onto the fabric, says Sarah Council, Ph.D., a microbiologist at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab.


For those of you that go sans-undies, did these suggestions ring true? 

Which is better, Vaseline or crotch powder down there or do you use neither?

Are the sweat stains real?

Do you wear the skinny jeans to show off the goods?

What is the best benefit of going commando?

We'd love to hear your feedback.



h/t: Thrillist.com, menshealth.com

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  1. sweat stains?  not real.  and

    sweat stains?  not real.  and if you wash yourself, why would your pants smell?  your chances of getting jock itch probably are no different, chafing and being bothered by seams isn't an issue either.  who came up with this stuff?

    in terms of powder or whathaveyou, Gold Bond is great in the summer.  


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