Was India Ferrah or Alexis Mateo Lying On The Latest ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5’?

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Did she or didn’t she? That’s the question on millions of lips after the most recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 aired on Friday, July 3. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. You’ve been warned.

The challenge we’ve all been waiting for, Snatch Game, has arrived! Except it is the Snatch Game of Love, a new iteration that debuted during AS4 where the queens impersonate celebrities in a Dating Game kind of format. The two studs vying for their love this time around is 13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman and actor/model Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.


Tensions rose with the six remaining contestant thanks to host RuPaul who pretty much put the fear of life in them during their time in the werk room as they got ready. He particularly went after India Ferrah who started off strong in the first episode but has been in the bottom ever since. Her choice to do makeup guru Jeffrey Star didn’t sit well with Ru which in turn made others, especially Shea Coulee, worried about their own character choice.

Here’s who the rest of the queens picked to play:

Shea Coulee: Flavor Flav


Jujubee: Eartha Kitt

Miz Cracker: Lady Gaga

Blair St. Clair: Ellen DeGeneres

Alexis Mateo: Walter Mercardo


The standouts during Snatch Game of Love were Alexis, Shea and Jujubee, who constantly hit joke after joke leaving Ru, Tommy and Jeffrey in a state of hysterics. Blair and Cracker had a funny moment or two but nothing outstanding while India was just a fail. 

So it would appear as if the bottom two this week would’ve been India for a fourth time in a row and Cracker who has yet to be in this position in the competition (Blair did slightly better). But wait! Here comes the twist that no one saw coming.

Shea was announced as the winner of the challenge. Here’s where it gets shady: everyone else was in the bottom, meaning they all had the chance of going home. Eek. Seriously eek. This put Alexis in meltdown mode because she was one of the two queens (besides Mayhem Miller) who voted for Shea to go home in episode 3. 


Alexis reminded Shea once again that her vote wasn’t personal. She just didn’t want to see her BFF Mariah Balenciaga go home. India then started some major drama when she pulled Shea aside and said that Alexis was allegedly campaigning to send Shea home that episode. Oh snap!

This led to all out chaos between the three which only helped Jujubee, Blair and Cracker as it took the spotlight off of them. Alexis categorically denied India’s allegations but India kept her foot firmly planted into the ground with her major claim.


Shea then lip synced against Alexis’ drag daughter Vanessa Vanjie Mateo to the Madonna classic “Open Your Heart”. Alexis was visibly shaken again from this as she didn’t want to have to suffer the pain and embarrassment of Vanessa being the one to send her packing.

Both did really well with Shea pulling out the win and securing $10,000 in the process. Surprisingly enough the Chicago queen ignored India’s claims and sent her home. Was this done as strategy? Or was it simply an easy move to make given how poorly she has done on the show?

And most importantly… WHO WAS LYING? Let us know your thoughts below.

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