Washington D.C. After-Hours Destination To Close After Twenty Five Years

The last remaining bathhouse/sauna/gym in the nation’s capital is about to close its doors. The Crew Club announced that they’re closing their Washington DC/Logan Circle location officially on February 29th, 2020. 

Founder and co-owner DC Allen disclosed to the Washington Blade that he and his husband Ken Flick have decided to retire. They signed a contract to sell the building in 2016 after purchasing it in 2003. The 14th Street business corridor is well known for both its real estate boom and ongoing gentrification, and Allen and Flick have taken advantage of that. When asked if that contributed to his decision to depart and if an offer was made that he “could not refuse”, Allen simply said “Yes I was-I was.” 

Flick/Allen Art Courtesy of DC Allen

The closing of The Crew Club brings the curtain down on the remaining gay bathhouse in DC. As for a possible reopening in another location, that does not look like that will be happening either. Allen said he and Flick had considered a relocation, but ultimately decided against it after the sale was completed. A decision on whether or not to hold a closing party remains up in the air, but Allen did say an announcement would be made soon as to whether an event like that would be taking place. 

The Crew Club Photos Courtesy of Michael Key

The legacy that The Crew Club leaves in terms of LGBT advocacy and outreach to the community deserves recognition of its own as well. For years, (the Blade reports) “LGBT activists praised the Crew Club for their support for both local LGBT organizations and its leadership efforts to provide safer sex materials and information through cooperation with Whitman-Walker Health, D.C.’s local LGBTQ healthcare provider”.

Source:  Washington Blade