Watch: Bikini Barista’s Viral Hammer Time: The $22 Coffee Catastrophe

In a plot twist worthy of a reality TV show, a bikini-clad barista named Emma Lee became an unexpected internet sensation after a heated showdown over a $22 coffee. The 23-year-old was caught on surveillance video giving a new meaning to “smashing success” when she smashed a hammer into a disgruntled customer’s windshield. The viral clip has online fans cheering her on like she’s the newest superhero.

The caffeine-fueled drama unfolded at A Taste of Heaven Espresso, a drive-thru coffee shop in South Seattle. The trouble brewed when a repeat customer, who was apparently not a fan of premium-priced coffee, decided to get a little too up close and personal. After ordering a 32-ounce coffee and a 24-ounce water, totaling about $22, the man threw the iced coffee at Lee, accompanied by a threat that sounded straight out of a bad action movie: “Nobody is going to miss you.”


Lee, feeling like she was in real danger, channeled her inner Thor and wielded a hammer to his car windshield. “It was a threat after screaming, spitting, and trying to pry open the window,” Lee told FOX 13. In her words, it was a case of necessary self-defense against a caffeine-crazed antagonist.


The customer, who had previously complained about the high prices, clearly underestimated Lee’s resolve (and her toolbox). After the incident, the police were called, and Lee filed charges for misdemeanor assault and banned the caffeine critic from her stand.

Lee, standing her ground like a true warrior barista, is ready for any legal repercussions, even if it means facing small claims court. “I think the conversation needs to change from, ‘What did she do to deserve that?’ To, ‘Why did he think that was appropriate? And what response was he expecting?'” she said. “All women, no matter their job, deserve to be treated with respect.”

The police, arriving just in time for the encore, managed to convince the man to leave. The CCTV footage was handed over to the Seattle police, who are now considering charging the man with fourth-degree assault. Meanwhile, Lee’s loyal customers are rallying to support her, ensuring her coffee stand remains a true “Taste of Heaven.”

Source: Buzzfeed

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