Watch Billy Eichner Take Emma Stone For A Whirlwind Trip Around New York In New Video


Billy Eichner is back on the street and this time he’s terrorizing city pedestrians with Emma Stone.

We shared with you back in March that Eichner’s tv segment Billy On The Street was on hiatus after Eichner decided to part ways with truTV. Now, it appears that Eichner is back at it.

The gay comedian has decided to release his on the street quiz show online, and the very first episode is already out.

In the episode, which you can watch below, Eichner walks around asking pedestrians their thoughts on Emma Stone… while she stands right across from them.

If you’ve never watched a video from Eichner’s series, get ready to laugh your butt off. If you have watched a video of Billy on the Street before… get ready to laugh your butt off all the same.

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