Watch: Dublin Drag Queen Knocks Out Guy Who Snatched Her Wig

Who knew a viral video of a drag queen could cause so much suspicion?

What happened was that a video of Dublin drag queen Heirless Blackstone surfaced. In it, Blackstone’s supposedly promoting some event when some random man comes up and snatches her wig away.

This then causes Blackstone to react by punching the man in the face before the video cuts out.



That’s when things get a little weird. Blackstone almost doesn’t address the video at all. In fact, only one tweet goes out about it. Other than that, nothing.




Then, apparently two news sites wrote about the issue before both articles were mysteriously taken down.

Some are calling the entire situation a hoax and an attempt to stir up some publicity for Heirless Blackstone. However, as Queerty pointed out, not addressing the video doesn’t exactly do a good job of publicizing it. (That said, we’re both posting about it so maybe it did).

If it was in fact all fake, does that take away the fact that this is a video that’s going viral? Does a calculated hit make it any less of a hit?

I ask because when we throw around the word “fake” we’re saying that the attempt at attention is cheap and not worth our time.

Yet, several celebrities do things in order to get our attention. They plan out ways to get the public’s focus and most of the time we throw our attention and money at it.

For instance, the video for Kanye’s “Famous” was purely for attention. He shot a bunch of naked wax statues and then tweeted out that he wanted someone to sue him. Suddenly, hundreds of sites are writing about it, and people are clicking to read.

Image Credit: Twitter @kanyewest

Also, Nicki Minaj had two engagements and later said both weren’t real.

Hell, even Beyoncé and Jay-Z both made songs and albums about their personal lives and made millions of dollars off of it. (But still no Grammy…)

Are these attempts only fake and not worth our time if we catch on to the fact that they’re just for our attention? (Though, no hate on Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Both are amazing artists and entertainers).

What do you all think? Do you think the video’s fake? And if it is, does it matter? Let us know down in the comments below.

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