Watch: Ellen DeGeneres Supports Kevin Hart Being Reinstated as Oscars Host

Ellen DeGeneres will more than likely be receiving a huge backlash from the LGBTQ community today.


She sat down with controversial comedian Kevin Hart on her show this week. The interview was supposed to air on Monday, January 7th, but she pushed it up to today, January 4th.

Kevin was initially set to be the host for the 2019 Oscars this February but backed out only days after that decision was announced due to several tweets that were dug up that many people deemed as homophobic

Ellen revealed during the interview that she called The Academy and asked them to get Kevin reinstated as Oscars host. There is even a hashtag about it on Twitter for this to happen: #OscarsNeedHart. Her saying this was met with thunderous applause from her studio audience.


The talk show host then complimented Kevin several times and mentioned what a wonderful host he would be on several different capacities all while ignoring the "haters" online. Do these haters include members of the LGBTQ community who are outraged over what he said many years ago though, Ellen?

Kevin then discussed how people going through his tweets that date back to 2008 was a "malicious attack on his character" even though he said he was wrong for his past words. "This was to destroy me," he said. Kevin also felt like someone has to take a stand against the "trolls" who he claims are out to get him, which Ellen replied with "they win if you don't host The Oscars."

Ellen then admitted that she is sensitive to this issue given that she's a gay woman but believes that Kevin has grown since his initial tweets and is "praying" that he is able to host The Oscars this year.

Kevin spoke about this entire experience in a separate part of the interview where he claims to not have a "homophobic bone" in his body and that he's apologized about his tweets in the past.

Should Kevin Hart be allowed to host The Oscars this year?

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  1. I believe in forgiveness too.

    I believe in forgiveness too. He has not shown that he has grown or means what he says. Prove it to us. Donate at least. Or go to a gay youth shelter donate time. Without the media knowing and at a later date let us know. Just dont do it to save face and money. You posted a vlog apologizing. Good start not enough. Ellen your opinion is yours. You do not represent the vast majority and many opinions of the community. Its your opinion. As mine is, Its too soon.


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