Watch FBE’s Kids, Teens, Adults, And Elders React To Disney Channel’s Gay Storyline

The Fine Bros. Entertainment YouTube channel had several generations react to the gay storyline on Disney Channel’s Andi Mack.


The dramedy series has consistently been in headlines for its revolutionary storylines including a gay one. In terms of the latter, the Andi Mack character Cyrus Goodman (played by Joshua Rush) first came out in 2017. Then, the character recently said the words, “I’m gay" while coming out to his friend and crush.

The series has dealt with several controversies since its creation and especially since the reveal of its gay side plot. This includes the show being taken off the air in all of Africa. That said, several conversations have blossomed because of Andi Mack, including in the video below.

The Fine Bros. is a popular channel on YouTube that shows several generations reacting to varying visual content. From internet memes to viral videos and food crazes, videos of kids, teens, adults, and elders reacting to the internet are released daily.

Earlier today, the Fine Bros. released a video in which members of the before mentioned generations react to the gay storyline in Andi Mack. As well as other storylines from the show.


Given the fact that the channel’s videos are recorded in Southern California, most of the responders are fairly progressive. This includes the addition of a transgender elder to the mix. As such, most responses to Andi Mack’s storyline were positive.

“I think kids should be seeing this. It’s perfectly fine. If they’re allowed to see a boy and a girl, they’re allowed to see a boy and a boy,” said one kid reactor.


“I really am proud of the writers for finally expressing that,” responded another kid.

“It’s beautiful. I think kids are struggling with who they are. If I were in that boy’s position, or whatever, I would think I would see a lot of hope with this,” shared one elder.

Though, there were some reactors who felt some reservation.

“I’m a little surprised. I don’t know if they were pressured into it, ‘cause, I know, the LGBT community- they have a real strong force in society,” said one adult reactor after watching the coming out scenes.


Another elder shared that he would filter children’s viewing depending on their age.

“It would depend on the age. I think a discussion with the parents, any time’s the right time,” he explained.

If you want to watch the clips from the show, what other issues Andi Mack tackles, and responses from several generations of reactors, you can watch the video down below.

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