Watch Gus Kentworthy Hang Out With The Old Gays

Image via YouTube @INTOMore

When worlds collide.

It looks like Gus Kenworthy took a pit stop at the INTO studio set before he flew off to train with the British skiing team. And we are thankful for it.

This is a match up that we never knew would look so good. Just a couple of months ago, INTO’s old gays didn’t even know who Olympic medal winning athlete and actor Kentworthy. The men were once asked to identify famous gays and they didn’t know anything about the British-American athlete.

“He looks like a wrestler,” said Jessay Martin.

 “He looks like someone trying to be very butch,” noted Bill Lyons.

 “Who’s Gus Kentworthy?” asked Mick Peterson.

And now, the Old Gays got to meet him in person. From joking about ken dolls, watching Kentworthy’s old skiing videos, talking about growing up in the closet, and plenty of harmless flirting. Want to watch the magic? Check out the video below.

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