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Holland is at it again.

Last year, Holland became the first openly gay Korean pop idol with his debut song and music video “Neverland.” He then released a second music video later in the year. Both videos depicted gay romances in a country where there’s still a low rate of LGBTQ representation.


That barely hidden negativity towards LGBTQ life has haunted Holland’s career so far. Despite receiving 1 million views in less than 24 hours and over 9 million views overall, Holland’s “Neverland” video was censored behind a 19+ rating.

That said, Holland has received plenty of support for his work as well. According to Digital Music News, Holland crowdfunded his new album with the support of fans. He raised $40,000 in under 24 hours. The crowdfunding campaign eventually made 108,568 USD thanks to the help of 1,199 supporters.

Image via Instagram @holland_vvv

Now, the title track on that album has dropped with a music video, which you can watch below.


The video for “Nar_C” depicts a tragic breakup between two male lovers. This is a total opposite to Holland’s earlier videos, which depicted blossoming love.

As Holland explained in an earlier Instagram story about the video, “There was a boy who fell in love. The boy’s name was Holland, and the boy he loved was Jaeseok.”

Again, you can watch the full video down below, and the self-titled HOLLAND album is out now.

h/t: Digital Music News

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  1. Every time he realease a song people make articles saying “the gay kpop idol has released a new song!” He is more than being gay


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