Watch Keiynan Lonsdale Get Dressed Up In Drag

Screenshot via YouTube

Keiynan Lonsdale is trying drag for the first time. And, he was recorded while doing it.

The actor known for his roles on tv’s The Flash and gay film Love, Simon got together with RuPaul’s Drag Race star The Vixen and LGBTQ YouTube channel them.

In them.’s ongoing series of YouTube videos, drag queens doll up LGBTQ stars into the drag queens of their dreams. All the while, the two talk about drag, LGBTQ life, their careers, and more.

For Vixen and Lonsdale, the latter defining himself as sexually fluid, the conversation covered several topics like definitions, sexuality, identity, and more.

“Truth is, I don’t really know who I am,” said Lonsdale. “That’s ok. I think that’s the fun of it.”

He then talked about life as a queer man of color.

“I think as a man of color, finding the courage to be open and expressive is not always super easy. And society hasn’t always shown us the space or places of example for that.”

“There’s a lot of bi-erasure, period,” added Vixen. “But I think, especially in Black communities the pressure that’s put on Black guys is like, ‘You don’t get to explore. You’re either straight or you’re gay. If you’re bi, you’re gay.”

The two then talked about labels.

“I think labels are helpful… in a grocery store but it’s limiting,” explained Vixen. “It might be somebody who says that they’re straight and you might have a really good connection with them.  Something great could come out of it… you should be able to change. Otherwise, you miss out on some great opportunities because of your label.”

Want to hear the rest of the conversation and see Lonsdale’s drag look? Check out the video below!

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