Watch Lady Gaga Read Lesbian Fan Letter

Who says fans don't read their fan letters?  Out loud?  During a concert?

That's what Lady Gaga does, and in Vancouver, it was from one of our lesbian sisters.

A lesbian who wrote an impassioned fan letter to Lady Gaga witnessed a live reading of the letter between songs during Gaga's ArtRave concert in Vancouver. You can watch it below.



Lady Gaga read, “You truly helped me become a better person and you made coming out so much easier. I never would’ve done it if it wasn’t for you."

“I also wanted to thank you for always teaching me to be myself. I now know who the f*ck I am and feel like I can do anything. Meeting you would be my dream come true. I could never even begin to explain how much it would mean to me. I love you so f*cking much it hurts."

Like a magic fairy, Gaga then granted the fan who was in the audience her wish.

"Hi Kristen, we're so proud of you for coming out as a lesbian. You just asked me if you can come meet me back stage, and you can!"

So if you're planning on catching her on the rest of this tour (that's for you Aussies, Israeli's, Emiraties, and Europeans), write her your own fan letter and let's get a gay boy's letter read!

What do you think?