Watch: Madonnna Performs Show-Stopping “Medellín” at the BBMAs

The Queen of Pop continued her recent winning streak on Wednesday night at the BBMAs. Madonna performed her current single “Medellín” with Maluma in front of fans in attendance at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. This was the first time the seven-time Grammy winner had performed new music on TV in over four years. 

After being introduced as “the legend herself” by BBMA host Kelly Clarkson, Madge was all smiles during the kinetic performance of the Spanglish track. She first appeared amidst greenery and CGI-enhanced effects, and then she danced alongside Colombian hottie Maluma, over a dozen top-notch backup dancers, and holograms of herself in various Madame X-era looks. Madonna and Maluma both sang live against backing tracks. The tastefully, pleasantly autotuned single makes no attempt to hide the enhancements and theatrics. It’s a clever, catchy, and sturdy pop song that casts a spell the more times you listen to it. Madonna and her crew nailed the choreography, and the audience at the MGM Garden Arena ate the performance up. 

Earlier this week, Madonna invited fans to post cha-cha videos on social media as part of her #MedellinChallenge. track is slated to appear on her forthcoming album Madame X, which will be released on June 14th. Maluma will also appear on another song on Madame X titled “Bitch I’m Loca.” Perfect. She’s back, guys.

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