Watch Netflix’s Gay Romance Short Film To Celebrate Gay Love In India

Screenshot via YouTube @NetflixIndia

Netflix celebrated gay love and romance with a beautiful short film.

This is the first Valentine’s Day after India’s Supreme Court ruled that the British colonial era law Section 377 was unconstitutional. This then legalized homosexuality and allowed gay couples to be open about their love. In order to celebrate this love, Netflix India released a video depicting a gay male romance.

“We made a sweet Valentine’s Day video because we couldn’t write everyone a personalized letter about why we love them.” said Netflix India on Twitter.

The short film, which was released on YouTube, is untitled but was directed by Reema Sengupta. The video shows two men falling in love and enjoying everyday events like going to parties and taking public transport. The message is to celebrate love in its glory and in its everday-ness.

This isn’t the only celebration that’s happening in India over gay love and romance. According to Gay Star News, Uber India joined the love by starting a campaign for a rainbow heart emoji. It also changed its route map to rainbow colors.

“Let’s celebrate our first Valentine’s Day for all with a symbol everyone can embrace,” the company tweeted.

“It’s time for an inclusive heart that celebrates the many shades of love.”

Though, this could possibly be a ploy for Uber India to gain approval, and customers, from LGBTQ people.

We reported to you last month that gay businesses are trying to get the attention of the emerging gay consumer base. While it’s nice that Uber India and Netflix India are showing the love, we have to wonder if they really care or if they just want our money. We’ll see whether they’re committed to us or our wallets in due time.

h/t: Gay Star News

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