Watch: Reality TV Star Fails At Shooting His Shot With Lil Nas X

Credit: Lil Nas X Instagram

Well… this is awkward.

Lil Nas X had one of the biggest (if not biggest) nights of his life at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, August 26.

A moment that happened off camera, however, appeared to be nothing but cringeworthy when Love & Hip-Hop star Bobby Lytes attempted to shoot his shot with him. 

Bobby, 28, has made it known all over social media that he finds Lil Nas, 20, very attractive (who can blame him?). Anytime Instagram pages like The Shade Room posts something about him he is right there in the comments section speaking his feelings about the “Panini” rapper.

He got his chance to finally flirt with the Georgia native in person at the VMA’s and well, it didn’t go so well.

The very short clip showed Lil Nas attempting to be chill but quickly walking away from the camera while Bobby muttered some words about him “not playing” and stuff.

Social media went in on him over the footage. “So you wanna act shy all of sudden?” actor and singer Milan Christopher wrote in the comments section of his clip. 

“Finally had a chance to shoot your shot and this what you say,” another fan wrote. Others took note of Lil Nas’ quick exit, writing “Lol where was he running away to?”

Bobby’s excuse? “I’m shyyyy!” he said in response to Milan’s question.

In Bobby’s defense, we’ve all been there with at least one guy in our past. Better luck next time boo! 


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