Watch: “SNL” Host Harry Styles Plays a Thirsty, Kinda Sad, Queer Social Media Manager

Styles appearing on SNL, November 16, 2019. / Image via NBC/SNL via screen grab.

Harry Styles became the latest entertainer to pull double-duty on “SNL” last night, serving as host and musical guest.

His featured spots in skits showed a range of comedy. At times self-deprecating, at others totally absurd, the 25-year-old star received several great reviews (adding to his established dramatic skills shown in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk,” per EW). 


But one bit caught a bit more attention from “SNL” fans, particularly among the queer crowds who’d noticed the “bisexual energy” of his recent “Lights Up” video.


Playing the social media manager for Sara Lee––the bread and baked goods company––Styles is called in by the higher ups because of some … off-brand social media content. 


The sketch, featuring Cecily Strong and Bowen Yang, who co-wrote it with Julio Torres, unravels the psyche of Styles’s character, Dylan, through IG screenshots.

Dylan, it seems, has been using the Sara Lee corporate account in “his voice” – such as calling Nick Jonas “daddy” and asking the star to “destroy” him. Yes, very much in that sense. Watch the rest of the sketch below:

Conversations about the star’s open-ended sexuality have some new source material, not that we’re complaining.


Among other highlights from last night’s episode, Styles performed “Watermelon Sugar,” the latest song from his forthcoming album, Fine Line. (He also gave a gorgeous, glimmering rendition of previous single “Lights Up.”)

Fine Line, the second solo album by Styles, is scheduled for release on December 13.

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