Watch The First Trailer For ‘MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock’

Image via YouTube @MTV

Bretman Rock’s reality show is just around the corner.

Bretman is a social media personality who started out as a makeup artist and comedian. He has since gone viral for his varying creative projects and global reach. That includes recently dabbling with video game streaming and getting ready to release a reality show.


MTV recently released the first trailer for the new digital reality series MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock. The trailer begins with Bretman in beautiful Hawaii. He then introduces himself by saying, “Aloha, Bitch. I’m Bretman Rock, the baddest content creator of all time, and now the newest MTV reality star. And trust me, there is no holding back.”

“We get wild, we get real, and girl, you know we got drama,” Rock adds.

The trailer promises a variety of fun to be had in the upcoming series. This includes dramatic fights, emotional conversations with friends and family, explorations around Hawaii, and dealing with the realities of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a press release, the show will also cover Rock’s “new business, the loss of his dad, being an internet superstar, and his mom’s move.”


As Bretman Rock shared with Fashion Week Daily in December, recording the reality series is a dream come true.

“Everything is happening so fast,” he said, “I go to work every day and realize this was just something I’d think about as a kid. I’m living my dream. It’s so surreal. I go to set every day and I’m in awe. I just know I’m made for the camera. This is my calling.”

MTV Following: Bretman Rock will debut on MTV’s YouTube channel on Monday, February 8 at 4 pm EST.

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