Watch The Hot Backup Dancers For the Big Concert In Brazil Next Week

Brazilian pop group Rouge is celebrating their 15th anniversary the right way with the help of some hot (and shirtless) male dancers.

The group’s Facebook page released a video of the dancers auditioning for the “Tea Rouge” anniversary show, and conveniently most of the men are dancing their butts off (or at least shaking them really hard) without shirts.

If you didn’t know about Rouge for the past 15 years, here’s a quick recap.

The Brazilian music group got together back in 2002 through the reality show Popstars.

Then, the group became famous in the South American country after doing a cover of Las Ketchup’s “The Ketchup Song” which they titled “Ragatanga.”

Fans are excited for the upcoming anniversary concert which reportedly sold out 1 minute into the ticket sale.

And not only will those lucky few who got tickets get to see the main act, but they get to see these hot guys in the flesh (while we only get to see their flesh through our screens).



h/t: NewNowNext

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