Watch the Music Video for ‘Absolute Zero’

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Ready to emerge from her black hole, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 champion Sharon Needles is slipping into a Halton space suit for her brand-new upcoming album, Absolute Zero.

The title track and music video dropped today.


According to a press statement, Needles says, “In the summer of 2020 when everyone was losing their minds, I happened to lose my heart. This video is a testament to the universal broken heartedness. Whether feeling lost in space or trapped in the Twilight Zone, this is a personal ‘Dear John’ letter that reads to the human condition of being emotionally destroyed.”

Absolute Zero, which is scheduled to release July 22, is Needles’ first new music in over three years. It features seven disco-laden Studio 54  inspired tracks including a re-imagined cover of Blue Öyster Cult’s 1976 classic “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.”

‘Absolute Zero’ Cover Art

Best known as the reviled sweetheart who fled the cornfields of Iowa for the dark, exciting city of Pittsburgh, Needles would parade on stage like a vampire in high fashion. People thought she was either stupid or possessed by a drag demon until she won Drag Race, posed for PETA and the cover of Out Magazine’s “Most Influential People” list, and was honored by the Pittsburgh City Council who declared June 12 “Sharon Needles Day” for her outstanding work as an advocate for LGBTQ youth. 


Recently, Needles joined fellow drag icons Alaska Thunderfuck, Manila Luzon, Trixie MattelMonét X Change, and Trinity the Tuck in a joint venture with SERV Vodka by creating their own brand of flavored vodkas. 

Needles chose a Blood Orange flavor.

“I had tons of cases sent to my haunted house, and I went through all the blood oranges and ended up with type O negative,” she says. 

Image via Albert Sanchez

Additionally, Needles has hosted Logo TV’s weekly horror picture show FEARce!, received excellent reviews for her role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in a theater production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and as the lead in the original play Silence of the Trans, and her first studio album PG-13, fulfilled a lifelong dream of collaborating with her idols. Her other studio releases include Taxidermy, Battle Axe, and Spoopy, a Halloween themed collection of originals and covers. 

Her official YouTube channel boasts over 10 million views. 

Check out the video for Absolute Zero below…

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  1. She’s a bit edgy for some people.. But her high drag conceptions of goth attire is what makes her a personal favorite of hers. To anyone who finds her too ‘dark and spooky’ I have three words.

    Tired ass showgirl!


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