Watch The Released “Call Me By Your Name” Trailer

The trailer for Call Me By Your Name is out and you have to see it!

Call Me By Your Name is the biggest gay themed film to be coming out this year and has gotten the most buzz since Moonlight. But, before we talk any more, check out the trailer below and see what you think for yourself.

As you saw from the trailer, the story of Call Me By Your Name follows a 17-year-old Jewish Italian boy named Elio. Elio’s father has a tradition of inviting a young academic into their home and putting them in Elio’s room (to the son’s annoyance) during each summer.

The story blossoms as a 24-year-old academic named Oliver arrives with a lively personality and comes into the withdrawn Elio’s life.

The story follows not only this summer but the next 20 years with Elio & Oliver through moments of sexual intensity, romantic calm, and personal growth.

The story behind this film is actually one that’s already been tried and tested. The film is a take on a popular book of the same name by André Aciman.

The novel won high praise from papers like the New York Times which called it “an exceptionally beautiful book,” and The New Yorker which said that, “Aciman’s first novel shows him to be an acute grammarian of desire.”

In addition, the novel ended up winning for the category of Gay General Fiction at the 20th Lambda Literary Awards.

When the announcement that a film version of the story was coming out people were excited and the buzz for the film only picked up from there.

For instance, Call Me By Your Name was notably the most well received and talked about gay themed movie that came out of Sundance this year. Reports were flying that the film had received standing ovations after its screening.

Another report that came out however was one of slight controversy as it was stated that a certain scene from the book was included in the movie. (Warning, the next sentence contains spoilers). In it, young Elio pleasures himself with a piece of fruit before being discovered by Oliver and then consummating the relationship.

Call Me By Your Name

Some were shocked that such a graphic scene was included in the film while others were proud of the commitment by production for authenticity and sticking to the text.

In addition, there was also controversy in the very fact that the two main actors cast in the role are not gay, and director Luca Guadagnino later talked to the Hollywood Reporter to express why this casting happened.

This film is about the blossoming of love and desire, no matter where it comes from and toward what. So I couldn’t have ever thought of casting with any sort of gender agenda. I think people are so beautiful and complex as creatures that as much as I am fascinated with gender theory — I’ve studied [American gender theorist] Judith Butler for so long — I prefer much more never to investigate or label my performers in any way. I only cast the actors and actresses I fall in love with — truly having an emotion for them, an anticipation and enthusiasm when seeing them — and I believe that my emotional confidence in them blends into chemistry. It’s always been like that, and I hope I won’t be wrong in the future.

So, with all that said and with the trailer watched, are you excited to see Call Me By Your Name when it comes out in theaters on November 24, 2017?

Let us know down in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Watch The Released “Call Me By Your Name” Trailer”

  1. Yay!  Another gay-themed

    Yay!  Another gay-themed movie where the leads are portrayed by heterosexual actors so they can get accolades and awards and the gay director can have his straight boy fantasies fulfilled.  Yay for "Progressive" and "Queer Supporting" Hollywood!  Thanks, but no thanks.  I think I'm going to pass on this movie.

  2. If the author hasn’t seen the

    If the author hasn't seen the movie or read the book, he shouldn't just make stuff up.

    Oliver and Elio do not "share a room" nor their "next 17 years."

  3. Couldn’t they find a 24 year

    Couldn't they find a 24 year old actor ??? Nothing against Mr Hammer but he is older than 24 and looks his age 


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