WATCH: The Rugby Team Making Us Hot

The Barrow Raiders are a semi-professional rugby team in the UK based in Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria. They compete in the RFL Championship, the second tier of rugby league.

Like many other rugby teams, they are thicc and adored by many!

But what the Barrow Raiders didn’t expect is for them to rack up a bunch of new fans online after posting a video inside the men’s locker room.


As the team finished a win against Cumbrian Working Town, the mates celebrated in a traditional post-match locker room chant about throwing another team into the bin (trash).


If you watch, you’ll see it’s impossible to ignore the masc energy reverberating within those locker room walls (if they could talk!).

The video has received over 670,000 views and comments have flooded in over the last few days.


“Bet the bin isn’t the only thing that gets slammed in that locker room.”

“God what I’d do for one whiff of that changing room.”

“Barrow Raiders just became the unofficial sports team of the entire gay community, all due to this softcore marvel.”

Check it out for yourself. What are your thoughts?


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