Watch The Trailer For Gay, Latino, Prison Drama ‘Luz’

(From left) Jesse Tayeh and Ernesto Reyes as Carlos and Ruben Gonzoles. / Image via Dark Star Pictures

The trailer’s out for a gay prison drama celebrating Latin men falling in love.

Luz is a film that follows Ruben Gonzales (played by Ernesto Reyes). Ruben in a young Latino who falls into the world of crime and the mafia. He then winds up in an accident that leads him to prison. While incarcerated, Ruben suffers under the complex hierarchical system within the prison.


It’s then that Ruben meets cellmate Carlos (Jesse Tayeh). The two find emotional stability both within their cell and then re-meet after getting released. Once outside, the friends-turned-lovers ponder whether what they had was real or a fantasy due to their time behind bars.

Image via Dark Star Pictures

This indie film written and directed by Jon Garcia (The Falls Trilogy, Tandom Hearts) is making the rounds at the art house circuit. The movie, which was produced by Garcia alongside Michael Repsche, Lacy Todd, and Rodney Washington, is currently being screened in Australia at Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival, according to Q News.

As for here in the U.S., the movie first premiered at the Reeling Film Festival in Chicago last year. But now, Luz is getting a release in theaters on March 19. Then, Dark Star Pictures will release the gay prison drama through video-on-demand on April 13. Until then, you can watch the trailer below.

Source: Q News,

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