Watch the Trailer & Read The Executive Producer’s Thoughts On The CW’s First Gay Superhero Lead

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Last year, we reported on the fact that the CW was going to make a DC animation with a gay lead. This year, we're happy to show you the first trailer for the show, share some info about the story, and share thoughts from the executive producer.

First, did you know that the CW has a streaming channel called CW Seed? Well, if you didn’t you might want to start looking into it. Especially if you’re into superhero stories and gay characters.

While the regular CW hosts live action Supergirl, this CW Seed show will be an animated show staring The Ray called Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

If you don’t know, the Ray is a superhero, with the power to manipulate light and turn into a being of energy, from a 1970s comic called The Freedom Fighters.


In the story, Ray lives in an alternate reality where Nazi Germany won World War II and took over the world. It’s up to the Ray and his teammates to save the day from the Nazis and Nazi versions of superheroes like The Flash and Green Arrow.

“It’s called Freedom Fighters: The Ray for a very specific reason,” Executive producer Marc Guggenheim explained, “which is we knew we wanted to establish the Freedom Fighters and Earth-X."

"In Multiversity,” a comic book series that the animation is partially based off of, “Grant Morrison came up with an idea we really responded to: The Freedom Fighters are made up of various minorities targeted by Nazis—women, gay men, Jews. We wanted to honor that idea. At the same time, it’s an origin story about the Earth-1 iteration of The Ray.”



That said, the story won’t be just about the dark possibilities of what life would be like if the Nazis won. Guggenheim promises a show filled with “a classic story about a normal guy who gets superpowers, with all the complications and wish fulfillment that entails.

Plus, The Ray will have a love interest, but, “in true superheroic fashion, his obligations are a complication for his love life.”

And if that wasn't enough, Melissa Benoist, who plays the titular character in Supergirl is voice acting for the character of Overgirl, this alternate reality version of the character.


“Melissa is so sweet, and so is her interpretation of Supergirl,” Guggenheim said, “It was fun to hear her voice records and see she’s capable of a darkness. I think she really enjoyed playing the bad guy for a bit!”

In addition, The CW president Mark Pedowitz stated last year that there are bigger plans for the Ray. After the animation has gotten its footing, the character will make the jump to live-action through the CW tv shows.

We're excited to see the first gay DC superhero on tv appear. Will you be watching? 

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  1. The Ray isn’t the first gay

    The Ray isn't the first gay superhero on CW. On Arrow, the character Curtis Holt, played by  Echo Kellum, becomes Mr. Terrific and fights side-by-side the Green Arrow. I look forward to the Ray being added to the CWs diverse line up of superheros they regularly showcase. The Flash has also featured gay characters, including villains. 


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