Watch These Guys Do Their Heel-Stomping ‘Werk’ Out

We all have those anthems that take us from our normal work selves into a strutting, sashaying supermodel when we hit the treadmill. We need that music to get our blood pumpin'. For me, if Beyonce, Madonna, or Robin pop up on my playlist–you better believe my incline is going up and I'm pressing on that speed button. BOOM! Instant Iman!



There's a perfect example of this making its presence in our feeds that will put all the heel-wearing divas to shame.

The self-proclaimed 'Queen Bee of the Houston Ballet' Harper Watters released a stomp-it-to-the-death video on Instagram that is making people sweat at the gym! The video shows Watters and friend Rhys Kosakowski getting to 'werk' on a couple of treadmills to Fergie's Fergalicious (talk about a Throwback Thursday!)

If you haven't seen it, take a look here and try not to break a sweat:



so delicious with @rhyskosakowski #themfpreshow

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It's obvious that these two are the best of friends.



name a more iconic duo @rhyskosakowski @lukeaustinphoto

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And in case you feel a little threatened, don't worry–the process to make this video was hard work. Check out what it took to be in this choreographed video:



You can view many of Harper Watters' videos on his YouTube Channel.

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