Watch: This 104-Year-Old AU Citizen Wants The Country To Say Yes

The public poll on whether marriage equality should be legalized in Australia is coming to an end, but one 104-year-old citizen still has something to say.

AU Marriage Equality is the lead campaign trying to make sure that “Yes” is Australia’s resounding answer, and in order to finish to the end they’ve released an ad with a wise man’s thoughts on the whole thing.

They got a 104-year-old citizen, who also has a gay grandson, to share his thoughts on camera and he says that he “can’t understand what all the fuss and commotion is about.”

The campaign is remind us all that this isn’t just a vote about whether gay people should be able to marry, but about the basic respect for other human lives. It’s about stopping discrimination and giving others the rights that you already have.

Keep in mind that the vote will officially end on November 7. That said, the organization behind managing the poll suggested that all voters had submitted their responses this past Friday in order to ensure that they got in on time.

Now, we just await a week to see what the result will be.

The results are expected to be in by around November 15.

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